Guarantee your platform has great accessibility on all scales.

What does it do?

The InsysGO platform requires an application environment in which all components will be launched (such as an administration panel, API, databases, additional services).


How does it work?

The whole solution is based on a modular architecture which involves such elements as: application servers, databases (SQL, MongoDB) and load balancers configured according to the best standards. In this way, we have created a platform that provides high reliability, scalability and flexibility, so as to efficiently support your users, without interruption, through APIs for mobile devices, TV applications and the web.

Depending on the business circumstances, we can build an application environment in two different scenarios.



We provide servers and network devices, develop a detailed project, install it physically, and then configure the entire solution. Everything in the location you specify.



If you do not want to buy equipment at the ouset, you can use the AWS Elemental Cloud service. We guarantee full confirguration and help with preparation for launch.



  • The entire environment can be easily scaled up by adding more servers to support viewing during even the biggest events
  • All the components of the environment are essential for ensuring a high level of availability and uninterrupted service for your users
  • Our platforms are state-of-the-art, which means they have an optimal need for servers, so as to reduce fixed costs