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Ultimate Pool

Customer: Ultimate Pool Group

Learn how Ultimate Pool Group and Insys Video Technologies joined forces to build a scalable, monetized, and secure streaming platform in just 5 weeks – just in time for the Pro Series 8-ball pool championship.


Customer: Leia Inc.

Leia Inc. is a US company behind the innovative Lightfield technology and 3D Lume Pad tablets. To enhance the experience of the tablet’s users, they decided to introduce a VOD application and needed a DRM solution to protect their video content. By choosing Cloud DRM, they not only met the security requirements of the film studios but also managed to finish the project a month before the deadline.

BeActiveTV logo


Customer: BeBebio

BeBio was founded by Ewa Chodakowska – Poland’s most well-known trainer and fitness pioneer – and CEO Eleftherios Kavoukis. Its mission was – and still is – to create products and services that encourage individuals to implement positive changes to their lifestyle through physical activity. BeActiveTV, first fitness on-demand platform in Poland, are perfect examples of how BeBio’s mission translates into reality and now in completely new version.


TR Online

Customer: TR Warszawa

TR Warszawa, a modern performing arts theater in Warsaw, Poland, responded to production closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic with an ambitious goal: to securely stream performances of its plays online and monetize them to support its business. In just a matter of weeks, it needed to design and implement a video-on-demand (VOD) solution that would let viewers pay to watch plays on their televisions and mobile devices at home.

Logo Simplitv


Customer: simpliTV (Austrian television provider ORS)

simpliTV previously offered its customers a basic package of just eight live channels that were only available on iOS and Android devices. With the new InsysGO-powered simpliTV OTT service, viewers can watch well over 40 live channels from multiple providers on a wide array of platforms.

REPAU_Parliament_2z_U_li (1)

The Austrian Parliament

Customer: The Austrian Parliament

The Austrian Parliament places a great deal of importance on engagement with citizens. The parliamentary sittings are already open to the public and the parliament had introduced a live streaming platform in 2019, allowing interested citizens to access proceedings without having to attend in person. However, it was looking to improve the platform with a secure, scalable, cloud-based infrastructure. The Austrian Parliament worked with ORS  and Insys VT to launch an OTT platform for parliamentary sessions.


Customer: The Polish Arthouse Cinemas Association is a video-on-demand (VOD) platform connecting more than 40 arthouse cinemas to bring the cinema to viewers’ homes across Poland. Consumers can purchase access to a movie from the available programming, with the proceeds going to the cinema hosting the film. The project was implemented within just a couple of weeks in response to the closure of cinemas due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Benfica Play

Customer: Sport Lisboa e Benfica

SL Benfica is the most successful football team in Portugal. The club wanted to create Netflix-like VOD portal with football matches, behind the scenes, training sessions and dressing rooms content. In just 4 weeks Insys VT implemented a Benfica Play platform based on the Insys Sport solution.



Customer: Cineman

Cineman is the first online cinema in Poland based on VOD technology. Cineman VOD on Smart TV has a rich library of films presented to more than 100,000 viewers in the highest quality (HD and SD).

Logo Canal+


Customer: nc+ (ITI Neovision)

nc+ is a Polish digital satellite platform, owned and operated by the French media company Canal+. nc+ was established as a result of the merger of two leaders in the market – CYFRA+ and n platform. It has over 2 million subscribers.

CANAL+ Sport Online

Customer: nc+ (ITI Neovision)

Canal+ Sport Online provides Canal+ subscribers in Poland with access to many sporting events, all via dedicated apps for phones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Via the multiscreen app, Canal+ Sport HD subscribers can also view live event statistics. The app has over 80,000 users.

Logo Netia

Netia Telewizja Osobista ™

Customer: Netia SA

Netia SA is one of the largest – and fastest growing – independent telecommunications operators in Poland. It provides comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly online solutions. The number of active customers of television services in the segment of individual customers exceeds 160,000.

Logo Inea

INEA Online TV

Customer: Inea

Inea – a cable television operator offering telecommunications services to over 200,000 inhabitants of the Wielkopolska province (Poland). The operator offers digital (SD and HD) and analogue television, fixed and mobile Internet access, and also fixed and mobile telephony.