Products & services

Mobile & Web Apps

Your content – available on the web, iOS and Android!

Thanks to mobile apps and the web, users will be able to view content where they want, when they want, and on the device they want. Our multiscreen applications provide users with one consistent ecosystem of functionality and a consistent viewing experience across their devices. All the elements are controlled and configured by you, from the central administration panel.

Deliver live channels and video content to the main screen of any home – over the Internet in FullHD or UltraHD 4K quality, and without cables!

Thanks to AndroidTV, AmazonFire TV and Chromecast applications, users will get real high quality TV in their home on the big screen, by using compatible devices from any manufacturer (STB, Connected TV, TV Stick).

Security and DRM

Rest assured that your content is secure.

Ready-made Multi-DRM solutions for a full range of platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Android TV – all approved by content providers. Video content that is accessible online is vulnerable to copying and illegal sharing. DRM technology ensures that any attempt to illegally copy content is blocked. We also deploy other solutions to protect against simultaneous access to content by multiple users, and to restrict access to a selected range of IP addresses.


Provide high quality content and live channels on any scale. Guarantee the stability and coverage of your service.

Content is delivered in high quality to users without buffering, without delay, supporting all features, such as Live, VOD, 4K quality. Ensures fast channel switching, minimizes delay with Live streams.

Control the operation of your InsysGO platform and be the first to be informed about problems.

The InsysGO monitoring system makes it possible to observe the entire platform online, and enables problems to be identified and diagnosed. With this system you can configure a list of people who will be automatically informed about infrastructure problems, if they occur.


on premise / cloud / hybrid

Guarantee your platform has great accessibility on all scales.

The InsysGO platform requires an application environment in which all components will be launched (such as an administration panel, API, databases, additional services).

Recommend your best content with cutting edge recommendation solutions. Promote what your users really want to see.

If video services host a wide range of content, it can be difficult for users to find what really interests them. A recommendation engine analyzes the user’s behavior and viewing history and adjusts the recommended content exactly to their needs.

Turn TV signals into OTT streams.

Streaming linear TV channels in OTT requires the appropriate preparation of streams for distribution on the Internet. Headend InsysGO guarantees a set of quality and stream formats that will ensure playback on all platforms and screens, while optimizing cost efficiency and the load on the infrastructure.

Record every tv show on any channel and watch it on any device.

Get rid of expensive and hard to manage local PVR STBs and migrate all recordings to the cloud. The InsysGO nPVR & Catch-up module allows users to access remote recordings of TV shows from live TV channels. This will save you money, since there is no need to update your customers’ old hardware.

eCommerce and monetization

Transform viewership into money.

Create the business model of your choice and sell your services and video content directly from InsysGO. Create a loyal user base and minimize churn. You create any configuration of products in the administration panel. You define their prices and ranges, you specify the duration of the offer. All products are automatically available for purchase by your users in mobile, web and STB applications.

Extend your service with any client applications, using a universal API. Access all functionalities on any platform.

If you want to write front-end applications yourself, the API gives you access to the full data. If you want to add an additional application to the platform or integrate with existing solutions such as an STB that you have, this is easily done.

Your command centre. Manage your platform and front-end applications from one place.

The Administrative Panel allows you to manage the InsysGO service, including channels, EPG, products and users. When you are part of InsysGO, you will also have access to the Administrative Panel. The people you nominate will receive their individual accounts with a specific administrative role.