Azure Media Services migration – are you prepared?

Future-proof your streaming service with Cloud Video Kit and AWS Media Services

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Changes are hard. We get it. But if you have been using Azure Media Services, there’s no avoiding them – Microsoft will be retiring the AMS ecosystem on June 30, 2024. That’s why we prepared a tool that will make your transition as fast and painless as possible – and keep your video content flowing.

Meet Cloud Video Kit – a video processing & delivery service that lets you focus on your content, not the technicalities. By default, it’s based on AWS Media Services, but we designed it to be technology-agnostic and work with any encoders and packagers of your choice. And most importantly – it has a 100% feature parity with Azure Media Services (along with a few extras). See for yourself.

Feature comparison: Cloud Video Kit vs. Azure Media Services

Azure Live Video

Cloud Video Kit Live module
  • For streaming live events, 24/7 channels, or live event series
  • Supports every resolution up to Ultra HD
  • Multiple output formats: MPEG-DASH or HLS, with or without DRM.

Azure VOD Encoding

Cloud Video Kit VOD module
  • Resolution from SD to UHD and multiple output formats (MPEG-DASH or HLS, with or without DRM)
  • Add multiple subtitles and audio tracks
  • Content management panel and VOD library in the cloud.

Azure Media Player & CDN

Cloud Video Kit playback & delivery
  • Global, low-latency video transfer through Amazon CloudFront
  • Embedded player powered by Bitmovin
  • Access to extensive viewing analytics.

Azure Content Protection

Cloud DRM
  • Studio-approved content protection powered by Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady DRM systems
  • Integrated SPEKE v.2.0/CPIX support
  • Virtually endless scalability.
What about Azure Video Indexer?

While Azure Video Indexer isn’t being retired, its features will be greatly reduced.
It will also become yet another billing party (in addition to your Azure Media Services replacement), and you have no guarantee it won’t follow Azure Media Service’s footsteps in the future.

But don’t worry – Cloud Video Kit utilizes the AI/ML features powered by AWS to provide you with the same level of insight and work automatization you enjoyed previously.

What else do you gain?

CAP (Concurrent Access Protection)

Start combating password sharing. Limit the concurrent active sessions – per user account or per asset.

Live to VOD cloud recording

Generate more value out of your live content by turning it into video-on-demand. Includes automated recording (based on your event schedule) and content clipping feature.

Optimized costs

Work with AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and enjoy great discounts on every gigabyte of content that you encode, package, and deliver.

Why AWS Media Services?

Although we designed Cloud Video Kit to be technology-agnostic and compatible with any transcoder or packager, our default provider is AWS Media Services. Why do we recommend that you consider migrating to AWS?

  • AWS Media Services are powerful and versatile enough to handle even the biggest video brands, such as Twitch, Peacock, or Prime Video.
  • They have been a big part of AWS strategy for years, with solid roadmaps for the upcoming years readily available.
  • You get access to discount pricing by partnering with AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner (that’s us).
  • AWS Media Services are constantly improving, with new features, products, and updates being added multiple times a week – see for yourself.


How long will the migration process take?

Any of your existing assets and workflows can be migrated within 1-4 weeks.

Do I have to handle the migration on my own?

Definitely not. Our Professional Services team will work with you and support you throughout the whole process. Or, if you prefer, we can handle the entire migration for you.

Will I have to re-encode my videos?

No, you won’t.

If I choose Cloud Video Kit, do I have to switch to AWS Media Services?

No, you don’t – Cloud Video Kit is designed to be technology-agnostic and will work with any transcoder or packager.
However, there are many benefits to choosing AWS Media Services. For example, with us being an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, you will get access to special, lower pricing.

What about billing?

We offer flexible plans, where you can go for the pay-as-you-go model or choose the commitment model and enjoy special discounts.

Additionally, Cloud Video Kit is an all-in-one tool – which means you get to enjoy the convenience of having all the costs covered on a single invoice.

Have more questions? Read our article: Migrating from Azure Media Services: how does it work?

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