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White Label OTT


Reduce the risk of building a new OTT service. Our white label solution allows you to ensure best practices in taking your first step info full OTT.


Capex, Opex or a bit of both? You decide which model fulfills your needs in the best possible manner. You may start small nad then expand your service to offer greater and more advanced functionality.


Your cloud deployment will operate at full speed in less than 30 days. To make on premises deployment work, we need only 90 days.

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Our solutions can be tailored to meet individual requirements and real needs. Depending on the scale of the project, there are two types of deployment to choose from: on premises or cloud-based. You point out all the features you want to have. We deliver them.


We provide you with all that is necessary for a complete OTT service to run: technical know-how, business analysis, hardware, software and support. We can guarantee not only recording and protection of all the content you deliver but also the unlimited and widespread availability of quality content. And yes, forget about blurry streaming.


Your service is up and running continuously thanks to our team of more than fifty committed and exeperienced professionals. With our manageable size, we are agile and, able to act quickly.

Cloud TV

If you want to take OTT for a test drive with your customers, or you simply don’t want to make huge hardware investments, choose InsysGO Cloud. You can’t go wrong, as you can start small and grow as big as you want.

You decide if you want to go fully cloud, or opt for hybrid – with some parts on premise. With InsysGO Cloud you get full flexibility. Our solution works with AWS and Microsoft Azure, so you’re not locked to one vendor.

With InsysGO Cloud, your customers will be able to use an OTT service in less than 30 days!