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Learn about our products and components to create, run and develop your OTT solution.

Network PVR and Catchup

Record every TV show on any channel and watch it on any device, any time.

– when you need to introduce new functionalities to the classic solution,
– when you already have an OTT and want to add functionality,
– when you don’t have OTT and want to implement new technology,
– when you want to get rid of decoders with HDD.

– increase your perceived attractiveness (technological advancement),
– improve the attractiveness of your offer (effective exposure and reach),
– compete locally with Netflix and other platforms,
– gain new customers, expecting new functionalities,
– increase customer loyalty (archive of recordings),
– reduce maintenance costs (no need for HDD in boxes).

– solution checked on a large scale,
– installation and maintenance without other suppliers,
– compatibility with many equipment suppliers,
– flexibility of nPVR & Catchup configuration,
– a unique solution for on-line monitoring.

Private CDN

Distribute video content on your operator’s network and the Internet.

– telecoms, cable operators and ISP with own telecommunications network,
– when you build an OTT and look for a CDN solution (or cache servers),
– when you have an OTT and want to optimize the cost of content distribution,
– when you have a global CDN and want to optimize the load of interconnections.

– control and plan costs,
– reduce the costs of interconnections,
– eliminate bottlenecks,
– earn on selling CDN services on the B2B market,
– sell unused bandwidth to the Internet.

– use of various hardware configurations for live and VoD traffic,
– high server efficiency enabling the use of fewer devices,
– a use of commodity servers (short waiting time for expansion and predictability of costs),
– high price competitiveness of the offer,
– the possibility of immediate reconfiguration (impossible for global CDNs).

Multi DRM

Protect your video library from piracy by encrypting content and issuing digital licenses to your users.

– customers with an OTT (live and VoD) who want to optimize DRM maintenance costs,
– customers with an OTT who are not satisfied with the flexibility of their DRM,
– customers with an OTT who need to secure new video libraries on a global level,
– large companies building (new) OTT solution, looking for individual modules on the market.

– secure libraries in a manner recognized by the largest content providers on the market,
– support a wide range of client devices (browsers, mobile devices, STB, SmartTV),
– limit access to content depending on your business model,
– licensing for the 3 main DRM systems (Microsoft, Google, Apple).

– adjustment of messages sent between the player and the license server,
– fees for each license issued or fixed monthly fees for a license package,
– the possibility of installing license servers in the client’s network (on-premise),
– full support in the service implementation, maintaining and monitoring,
– one contact point, one contract, one integration, one invoice.

Video Monitoring Tools

Ensure the continuity of the video processing and delivery services.

– customers with an OTT who do not monitor the quality, availability and stability of video streams,
– customers with an OTT who move to the commercialization phase (maintain the service quality issue),
– headend services providers who do not monitor the quality, availability and stability of video streams.

– increase system reliability by proactively detecting problems,
– increase the quality of your service and customer service,
– lower customer service costs (fewer problem reports),
– detect problems that customers do not report, but due to which cancel the service (anti-churn),
– increase the value of NPS index and chances for positive word of mouth.

– a monitoring system dedicated to OTT,
– a cost-optimal system, with functionalities tailored to real needs.

Insys OTT Toolkit

Set of components necessary to build your own OTT solution (modules that need to be integrated, as part of a complete system). Individual modules can be integrated with elements from other suppliers.