Insys Video Technologies Opens Doors for New Streaming Services at London Event

On June 26th, industry professionals attended the “Hack into an 89 billion dollar market: adding video to your tech stack” conference organised by Insys Video Technologies at Amazon HQ, London.

The event brought together an audience of entrepreneurs and streaming industry experts eager to gain insights into the rapidly growing video market. The speakers from Insys Video Technologies, Bitmovin, AWS, and the Ultimate Pool Group explored the world of video streaming from the perspectives of solution providers, service integrators, and video streaming startups aiming to scale their businesses.

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in a series of keynote speeches, discussion panels, and valuable networking sessions. They acquired practical knowledge on building custom streaming solutions and participated in a live demo of Cloud Video Kit, a video processing and security tool by Insys Video Technologies. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to hear a success story from Ultimate Pool Group, a company that monetized its content and achieved commercial success by creating its own streaming platform, despite having limited technical experience in the field.

The event’s partner, Bitmovin, shared their knowledge on the importance of video analytics and provided practical strategies on how to use them to enhance the product, improve the bottom line, and boost the user experience.

“It has been hugely rewarding to collaborate with the Insys Video Technologies team on this event, it was packed with insightful and thought-provoking keynotes and debates that will help propel the industry forward. We would like to thank the Insys VT team for organizing it and providing video streaming industry professionals and developers with the knowledge they need to scale their business,” said David Rushton, Director, EMEA Channel at Bitmovin.

The event’s success would not have been possible without the support of its partners: Bitmovin, Ultimate Pool Group, AWS,  and ORS Group, who recently became a shareholder of Insys Video Technologies. Their collaborative efforts resulted in an event that served as a source of hands-on knowledge and insights for those planning to take their first steps into the video streaming industry.

“With the current video market state, we see a clear need for tools and know-how on building new video streaming services,” says Krzysztof Bartkowski, CEO of Insys Video Technologies. “The event’s goal was to provide entrepreneurs and developers with that knowledge, and that goal has been achieved. We are considering hosting similar conferences in other countries in the near future.”