Austrian broadcaster ORS has become a shareholder of Insys Video Technologies

Austrian TV provider ORS has become a shareholder of  Insys Video Technologies after a long-standing partnership with the company, allowing both organisations to expand their market activities and increase reach and growth globally. 

ORS was established in early 2005, using broadcasting technology from ORF. It is currently owned 60% by ORF and 40% by Medicur Sendeanlagen GmbH, which is a part of the Raiffeisen Group. In 2012, simpli services GmbH & Co KG was founded, responsible for the distribution of the TV product simpliTV. It is a TV platform that is available to TV consumers via antenna, SAT, and streaming. 

ORS has been a client of Insys Video Technologies since 2017 and has been using its technology to distribute simpliTV. In the beginning, simpliTV offered its viewers basic live streaming on several channels, which were available on iOS and Android. Thanks to cooperation with Insys VT, simpliTV audiences can watch live channels from multiple providers on any device – from tablets and mobile phones to smart TVs and web browsers. The partnership with Insys Video Technologies has allowed the company to deliver new features including catch-up, nPVR, pause/resume across multiple devices, and intelligent content recommendations. The companies have also jointly implemented a streaming platform for the Austrian Parliament in 2020. 

Joining forces is an opportunity for both companies. ORS can expand its OVD business technically and organisationally. ORS will receive an end-to-end OVD platform with all the components necessary for linear and non-linear video distribution over the Internet. This also includes the provision of recipient-side solutions such as website integration and applications on mobile devices and TVs. The availability of increasingly affordable OTT technologies and services has enabled companies to integrate technology into their business processes without incurring high costs. Both companies can expand their reach and growth globally, as OTT solutions are becoming highly wanted in different regions. Insys Video Technologies now has the opportunity to grow its business and reach customers in the DACH region.