Protected Embedded Player

Fully cloud-native solution for streaming any type of live events.

Ensure the security of live video content and prevents piracy by streaming your live events via a protected player.

Use cases

Protected Embedded Player is a great choice if:

  • you have your own website and want to stream any live event online (games, MMA galas, conferences, lectures),
  • you are not satisfied with your current web player,
  • you want to secure live video content on a world-class level.

Key benefits

  • high-quality streaming,
  • full configuration within three days thanks to the serverless cloud-native infrastructure,
  • full support in the process of service implementation, maintenance, and monitoring,
  • auto-scalability thanks to AWS cloud infrastructure,
  • statistics on the audience after the live event,
  • integration with Multi DRM,
  • advanced watermarking technology,
  • blocking users at the customer’s request.

How it works?

Want to learn more about streaming your video content in a secure way?