Network PVR & Catch-up

Modules designed to provide much desired new features to the existing streaming TV platforms making them more attractive for the end users.

Catchup module enables recording of all TV shows from live TV channels and storing them for specific period, e.g. 7 days. Recordings are available for the end users through the streaming platforms and give the possibility to watch TV programmes from the past, return to the beginning of the audition, pause it, etc.

Network PVR module allows the end users recording of any TV programm and adds it to the personal video library on the streaming video platform. Recordings are stored in the cloud so that no local TV devices with internal storage are needed.

Use cases:

Use our Network PVR & Catch-up if:

  • you are TV broadcaster and own digital platforms with many TV channels,
  • you add new features to the existing TV platforms,
  • you migrate from the old solution based on devices with local hard drives to the modern cloud based ones.

Key benefits

  • recording of TV programs from dozens of live channels and storing them for the specific, customizable time window,
  • creating by the end-users a private library of favorite TV shows, movies, series within the allocated storage quota and available for a limited time,
  • recording can be scheduled by the end-users in advance – for the series, episodes recording can be set up automatically,
  • flexible, scalable, and reliable solution based in the cloud – no need to maintain any TV boxes with internal hard drives,
  • availability of many various settings for the platform administrators, e.g. storage quota, time window,
  • recorded content available through the Internet on many end user’s devices, e.g. Android, iOS, Web, Smart TV’s applications,
  • improving the attractiveness of the video platform and gaining new customers, expecting new features.

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