Insys Professional Services

Get professional support with the design and implementation of media services and video streaming from our team of Cloud Experts and Video Engineers. 

Use cases

Professional services might be the right service for you, if:

  • you are a video content owner (theaters, government organizations, etc.) who produces or acquires video content and wants to distribute it easily, quickly, and securely, 
  • you are an operations manager and need a one-click run backup in the cloud for your on-premise video headend,
  • you are an IT director who needs to provide business continuity and cloud disaster recovery solution for your on-premise OTT system,
  • you need to reduce electricity costs in your on-premise data center,
  • you are an OTT developer of media services and need support in selecting the optimal technologies, secure and scalable infrastructure or preparing Infrastructure as a Code for your application,
  • you are a media broadcaster who is dealing with a large volume of video content and is looking to streamline the process of delivering it through various platforms and devices,
  • you are an entrepreneur who wants to develop your business in the media industry, and needs technical support or wants to use video content internally,
  • you are a video content provider who wants to ensure that the video content is effectively delivered to streaming platforms. You want to optimize the process of preparing the videos for live streaming,
  • you are the owner of a start-up or you have a business idea where a full video infrastructure is needed.

Work with Certified Engineers

We have a team of certified engineers skilled in a wide range of AWS services and other technologies and vendors. With media knowledge and technological expertise,  we are able to design and implement video solutions that leverage the power of AWS to support your company’s OTT (over-the-top) operations.

SolutionsArchitect _professional

What we offer

Our certified experts advise on the optimal selection of cloud vendors, hybrid solutions, and services you may need. We estimate costs and plan a strategy for adapting the IT system to the cloud environment and its development.

Assessment and consulting

  • Cost-effective consulting services to provide media expertise and IT professional outsourcing
  • Cloud strategy for media services and video streaming
  • Security of media services infrastructure and video data protection
  • Cloud cost and efficiency optimization
  • Migration and adaptation of video workflow in the AWS Cloud
  • Insights and recommendations to expand your technical solutions

Design and implementation

  • Media workflow for broadcast-grade video streaming (including video transcoding, packaging, encryption, storage, and delivery through a CDN)
  • Hybrid and on-premises services with technology from leading vendors and integration with existing customer solutions
  • AWS Cloud infrastructure design for media services and video streaming
  • Implementation of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) with CI/CD processes
  • Advanced media solutions based on the AWS Cloud

Managed services

  • Cloud Monitoring 24/7/365
  • 24×7 Support with high SLA (service-level agreement) 
  • Cloud Video Kit integration with your existing solutions
  • Customized SLA reporting tools
  • Atlassian environment for SLA workflow

We have worked with: 

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