Insys Cloud DRM

Fully cloud-native digital rights management licensing server for video streaming.

Protect your video library from piracy by encrypting content and issuing digital licenses to your users.

Use cases

Insys Cloud DRM is a great choice if:

  • you are looking for a way to optimize DRM maintenance costs,
  • you are not satisfied with the flexibility of your DRM,
  • you need to secure a video library on a world-class level.

Service Features


Cloud DRM provides the API that integrates with major systems, Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady approved by all major studios and content owners.

SaaS built on AWS cloud

A serverless architecture based on AWS cloud integrates support for SPEKE which defines the standard for authentication and communication between encryptors and packagers of media content and DRM key providers.

Quick implementation

Launch the DRM service within a day thanks to the serverless cloud-native infrastructure.

Packager integrations

Cloud DRM support API for integration with any origin/ packaging platform including AWS Elemental MediaPackage, Anevia, Unified Streaming, Wowza Media Engine.

Player integrations

Our multi DRM is ready to integrate with OTT players including ExoPlayer, dash.js, Shaka Player, Bitmovin, THEOPlayer, JWPlayer, iOS AVPlayer, and any other DRM compatible.

Flexible solution

Cloud DRM offers an unlimited number of licenses and auto-scalable architecture with 24/7 monitoring & support.

Want to learn more about content security?

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