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Cloud Video Kit

The heart of your streaming platform

We handle the video processing so you can focus on the content. Upload a video file or provide a live source link, and Cloud Video Kit will transform it into a streaming-friendly format, ready to integrate with your player or application.

Use cases

Cloud Video Kit might be the right product for you, if:

    • You want to build a streaming service without worrying about the technology behind video processing
    • You stream live events or channels and would like to record them and share them as VOD
    • You want to manage all your video assets – VOD and live – from one intuitive panel
    • You would like to protect your content from unauthorised access.

Product features

Live events & channels

Stream your live events and channels in high-quality. Provide the live video source, and we will handle the rest, including video transcoding, packaging, encryption and delivery.

Video recorder – live to VOD

Don’t lose sight of your live events. Record them with just a few clicks and share them with your users as catch-ups or VOD content immediately after the live transmission is over.

Video-on-demand (VOD)

Upload your video files and store them safely in the cloud. Use our convenient management panel to transcode them to streaming-friendly formats or to add audio tracks or subtitles.

CAP  – concurrent access protection

Monitor your users’ active sessions with the cloud-native playback restriction service and get extended insight into their viewing experience.

Cloud DRM – digital rights management

Protect your videos from piracy and restrict access for unauthorised users. Our DRM licensing server secures your content and is compatible with the most popular platforms.

Content Delivery Network

Stream your videos fast and in high quality, without buffering or delays. The high redundancy of our chosen CDN solution ensures your video content stays online even in the face of technical difficulties.

How it works



Paste the provided endpoints directly into your player.


Use our API to integrate Cloud Video Kit with your website or app.


Let’s talk and discover if Cloud Video Kit is the right fit for your streaming service.