New Video Case Study – simpliTV

The delivery of broadcast television programs combined with the latest functionalities contributed to the launch of simpliTV in 2013. In the beginning, simpliTV offered its viewers basic live streaming on several channels, which were available on iOS and Android. Today, the simpliTV audience can watch live channels from multiple providers on any device – from tablets and mobile phones to smart TVs and web browsers


The partnership with Insys Video Technologies has allowed the company to deliver new functionality including catch-up, nPVR, pause/resume across multiple devices, and intelligent content recommendations. Insys VT’s solutions allow for easy management, monetization, distribution, and promotion of content via websites and apps. Insys VT provided a complete OTT solution for simpliTV including back-end and front-end application software, and server hardware. 


The latest video case study created in collaboration between Insys VT and ORS presents the most critical aspects of the simpliTV project. Micheal Wagenhofer and Norbert Grill, Managing Directors at ORS Group, talked about the beginnings of simpliTV, the collaboration with Insys VT, and the platform project for the Austrian Parliament. In the video, you can find out what the biggest goals were in the project, what functionalities were successfully introduced, and what the plans are for the future.