The largest virtual cinema already available in the Polish viewer’s homes

Insys Video Technologies, commissioned by the Arthouse Cinemas Association, implemented a project called It is a VOD platform connecting virtually over 47 arthouse cinemas from all over Poland. Viewers choose which cinema they want to support by buying access to a movie from the available program. The income from the purchase goes to the chosen cinema.

“It was very important for us that during the outbreak of the coronavirus, fans of arthouse cinema would still have access to the film culture. To meet those needs, we have decided to create a project,” says Marlena Gabryszewska, CEO at the Arthouse Cinemas Association. “What is more, people who have not used the services of arthouse cinemas so far, e.g. because of the distance, will now be able to watch movies without moving from home,” adds Gabryszewska. project is based on the latest version of the InsysVOD platform. It is a comprehensive and flexible solution addressed to companies or organizations that have a library of video content that they want to share on the Internet. The platform has a user-friendly, modern interface, created for the most effective and attractive exposure of video content. The InsysVOD solution is distinguished by a unique mechanism of content recommendation and promotion using dedicated lists and graphic and video banners – List List.

“By proposing the InsysVOD solution, we have fully adapted it to the unique requirements of the customer. The biggest challenge was the implementation time, which was a little over 2 weeks,” says Ernest Kałaczyński, Area Sales Manager at Insys Video Technologies. “We are glad that we were able to implement such an interesting project and that thanks to the platform Polish viewers can now support local arthouse cinemas and have access to the film culture,” adds Kałaczyński.