Insys VT launches cloud-native DRM for Leia Inc.’s 3D Lightfield Lume Pad tablets

Leia Inc., leader in 3D Lightfield display technology from the USA is the creator of the Lume Pad tablet, which enables users to experience a 3D effect on their screens. Recently, Leia Inc. decided to implement DRM (Digital Right Management) and CAP (Content Access Protection) solutions to protect their studio from illegal distribution

Leia Inc. developed a unique technological solution known as 3D Lightfield. It allows Lume Pad users to view and convert 2D videos and images into 3D, without the need for eyewear. The company also has a variety of built-in applications including Leiaflix, a VOD application that allows users to rent and watch a rich selection of movies in 3D.  “To meet the security requirements of content producers, we have to ensure the content is protected from piracy or illegal restreaming,” said David Fattal, CEO of Leia Inc. 

“As we were looking for a flexible and future-proof solution, we chose to work with Insys Video Technologies. Their cloud-native DRM and CAP systems are auto-scalable and provide Hollywood-grade video content security.”

DRM encrypts the video content to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the movies or downloading them. In addition to that, the CAP system limits the number of active viewing sessions per user. Additional CAP functionality that Insys VT has implemented is the option to limit the number of sessions not just for a user account, but also for a single asset. For example: even though an account can have four active sessions, the client can choose to make a particular movie available only for one session. The implemented solution is fully cloud-native and serverless – making it automatically scalable as more users come online.

As the Lume Pad marks a new generation of products in the tablet market, the Insys Video Technology team is looking forward to the project’s further development and its upcoming features.