Toolkit components

Cloud Video Recorder

module for recording and storing live video stream in the cloud


Media Asset Management

library management of video materials (metadata, publication rules)


User Management

user accounts management (defining groups, authentication methods, user session management)


Device Management

user device access management (defining access rules, managing device sessions)


DRM Key Management

DRM key management system for video materials (central key storage and authentication system for video materials)


Content Access Provider

video content access management for end-user devices (quick shutdown of access to video content, precise reporting of viewing progress)



supporting module for content monetization (product management, product groups, user transactions, payments)



playlist management module (defining playlists for users by editors)


Barker Channel

module for creating video channels with promotional content (looped promotional videos that drive sales)


Tile Service

content tiles generator (improvement of data fetching from the backend systems)


Search Engine

content search by the type of recording (advanced search for best-matched results)



semi-live channel creation from VoD content (simple playout system using playlists)


Administration Panel

module management system (enabling to configure and monitor individual system modules by the administrator)



analytical module for video content (collection and presentation of view and sales reports)


nPVR Scheduler

module responsible for scheduling recordings and managing users quota (integrated with recording devices via connectors)


Catch-up Scheduler

module responsible for scheduling catch-up recordings (integrated with recording devices via connectors)


EPG Management

module for television program data management (automatic import, edition, and validation of EPG data)


Player with EPG

advanced player that allows viewing TV program data (floating player, full-screen EPG overlay)

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