Insys VT and To-Do Media Bring Arabic Content to Mobile Devices

Dübendorf, Switzerland, 23 April 2020 – Insys Video Technologies has worked with To-Do Media to deliver video content to Arabic-speaking users across the world. Insys developed the backend platform for the H+ video service, which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Home Plus Network, also known as H+, is an Arabic content aggregator that works with regional content providers to gain access to a global audience. Users can now access thousands of hours of Arabic content through H+ on Huawei mobile devices.

Insys Video Technologies provided the tools and backend infrastructure for H+ as well as integrating it with AWS Elemental Media Services to ensure reliability and easy scalability. Insys created a dedicated interface to enable video delivery to Huawei devices. To-Do Media can upload content and manage the H+ platform using the Insys VT administration panel.

The H+ platform was deployed using AWS CloudFormation, which simplifies provisioning and management on AWS. Videos are transcoded on ingest using AWS Elemental MediaConvert, making them ready for distribution.  Insys also integrated a complete content management software solution to enable To-Do Media to apply metadata to all video content, thus improving discovery. 

Thanks to the integration with AWS Elemental MediaTailor, To-Do Media can insert individually targeted advertising into the video stream without sacrificing broadcast-level quality-of-service and allowing a seamless viewing experience. 

Ammar Hares, CEO/Founder, To-Do Media, commented: “Enabling local content owners with a managed platform to reach a global audience is important, and with this new service, we bring a wide range of engaging content to Arabic speakers across the Arab world. Having the support of Insys was key to helping us launch fast while integrating seamlessly with AWS Elemental Media Services and the Huawei video platform.”

Piotr Czekała, Co-founder and CTO, Insys Video Technologies, added: “The combination of our development expertise and Amazon Web Services allows To-Do Media to ensure a reliable video service that can scale fast as consumer demand grows.”