Cloud Video Kit – a video processing solution

Insys Video Technologies created a simple solution that helps build a video streaming workflow for websites and applications – Cloud Video Kit. The product is based on AWS Cloud and AWS Media Services and is an easy-to-use tool that includes all the essential features to process and share video content online.

Schedule, manage, and share your live events!

Want to stream live events? Now you can quickly build the video workflow in the Cloud Video Kit’s easy-to-use admin panel. The product allows customers to schedule live events and create live channels in less than a minute. You can also create multiple events at the same time. It is simple to use – all you need to do is to upload the link to the live video source. And the technical aspects? You don’t have to worry about that! CVK takes care of transcoding, packaging, and video encryption. All you need to do is paste the resulting endpoint into a player.

Record live events and turn them into VOD content

Do you want your users to be able to catch up with the live event that they’d missed? Cloud Video Kit allows you to record live events and turn your live feed into on-demand content. The product will store the videos in the AWS Cloud for you to download at any time. This way, you can let your viewers watch the event as VOD content. CVK also allows you to trim the start and end times of your videos to give users an even better viewing experience.

Prepare your videos for sharing

Processing your video content has never been easier! Cloud Video Kit allows you to upload your video files, store them in the cloud, and transcode them into streaming-friendly format (such as HLS/MPEG-DASH) – all of it with just a few clicks. You can also easily mix the video materials with multiple audio and subtitles tracks.

Protect your video content with Cloud DRM

One can’t forget about protecting their video content. That’s why Cloud Video Kit includes DRM protection. Cloud DRM is a cloud-based solution that protects video content from piracy and illegal redistribution. Because the service is fully cloud-based, it can issue an unlimited number of licenses per second. It automatically scales with your business needs and audience size.

Provide the best end-user experience with a scalable Content Delivery Network

Cloud Video Kit helps you deliver high-quality video streaming without buffering or delays thanks to AWS Cloudfront, a global content delivery network (CDN). High redundancy keeps your live events online even in case of technical difficulties, and the solution supports all necessary features (Live, VOD, 4K quality).

When might you need Cloud Video Kit?

Cloud Video Kit is a comprehensive tool that quickly processes your videos and prepares them for delivery. It can be used via user-friendly GUI or integrated with existing websites or apps via API. It is a perfect solution for anyone planning to build a streaming platform or app or stream videos through their website.