ERT updates their OTT platform with Telmaco and Insys VT

ERTFLIX platform on laptops and mobile devices

ERT has launched the latest version of the Greek ERTFLIX OTT platform. The new backend implementation and the updated interface are the results of cooperation with the Greek systems company Telmaco S. A. and the team from Insys Video Technologies.

ERTFLIX is a platform of the Greek state TV broadcaster, ERT, and provides users with access to 5 live channels and numerous movies, series, and other on-demand content through the VOD zone.

The ERTFLIX OTT platform is built on the InsysGO solution created by Insys Video Technologies. The service is available to all viewers across the region. The registered users are also able to access premium features, like Continue watching, Favourites, etc. The platform is protected with geo-blocking restrictions that make the content unavailable outside the selected area.

Ioannis Vougiouklakis, CTO of ERT S.A., says: “We aim to give the Greek viewers the best possible experience. As a state broadcaster, we are always trying to take advantage of the latest technologies in the field. With this project, our goal was to make the new ERTFLIX similar to other successful OTT products, despite the fact that we offer our content without subscriptions.

“With Telmaco and Insys Video Technologies, we managed to launch the new ERTFLIX in a short period of time and successfully supported the fresh new season content with an improved user experience and new features.”

As a state broadcaster, ERT owns a significant number of media assets created across many years. Viewers across Greece can access the entire library. The content with international rights is also available worldwide. ERTFLIXcan be accessed via web browsers, mobile devices (Android, iOS, Huawei App Gallery), and Android TV, and is avalable in Greek or English. The Insys OTT backend was also integrated with the existing HbbTV, Tizen and WebOS apps.

“The ERTFLIX platform is a popular Greek OTT service with several thousand users per month. By cooperating with Telmaco, we have created a scalable solution that is able to handle high peaks. That way, it remains efficient even as many users are using the platform simultaneously”, says Ernest Kałaczyński, Project & Key Account Manager at Insys Video Technologies.

“We are glad this partnership has allowed us to expand our reach, and we are looking forward to next projects.”, he continues.

Constantinos Moraitis, CTO of Telmaco S.A., adds: “We have committed to making ERTFLIX as easy to use as possible, delivering a unified experience and features across the different networks and devices. Project integration included many tasks alignment, such as content transcoding, origin, packaging, or enhancements to the video quality. We are delighted to be working with ERT and Insys Video Technologies, delivering products that can further monetize its content investments. ERT has succeeded to expand the brand name with this implementation. We believe that other FTA TV stations will follow this example.”