Cloud DRM now supports SPEKE v.2.0

We are happy to announce that we have completed the validation process and our Digital Rights Management solution, Cloud DRM, now supports the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) v.2.0 protocol .

Cloud DRM encrypts the videos and issues digital licence keys to website, mobile and Smart TV viewers, so that the content is protected against piracy and illegal access. Although the service has been SPEKE v.1.0 compliant since 2019, the new version brings changes that improve content security and facilitate integrating DRM with packagers and preparing videos for safe distribution.

What is SPEKE?

SPEKE was created by AWS Elemental in 2017 as an attempt to unify the way DRM services communicate with encoders, transcoders, and origin servers. The 1.0 version was based on the CPIX v2.0 open protocol and became widely adopted by multiple DRM providers.

Along with the development of the CPIX specification, some of the SPEKE v.1.0 restrictions (such as the required use of a single encryption key) proved to be problematic for streaming platform providers. AWS responded to these challenges by introducing the cutting-edge SPEKE v.2.0 into the AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

SPEKE v.2.0 improvements

  1. Multi-key packaging: SPEKE v.2.0 allows encrypting of different audio and video profiles (based, for example, different resolutions or framerate) with separate DRM keys – helping users better secure their most valuable Full HD or Ultra HD content.
  2. Streamlined integration: SPEKE v.2.0 support simplifies deployment, eliminating the need for a local SPEKE server in AWS cloud service setups.
  3. Backward compatibility: Cloud DRM adoption of SPEKE 2.0 retains the support for SPEKE 1.0, reducing complexity for content providers.

Towards better content security

“As video piracy is here to stay, the main goal of any content security solution is to protect video providers’ bottom line,” says our CTO, Piotr Czekała. “That is why we are proud that our Cloud DRM has passed the SPEKE v.2.0 verifications tests and made yet another step to becoming the most reliable digital rights management product on the market – and keeping our clients’ videos safe.”

For more information about SPEKE v.2.0, visit the AWS Media Blog.

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