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Cloud DRM is a Digital Rights Management license server that protects video content from piracy and illegal access. To give our customers more freedom to explore and test the solution, we have created a new website dedicated to the service.

What is DRM (Digital Rights Management) and how does it protect video content?

DRM is a technology that helps content distributors manage who is allowed to access their assets. Once the video is secured with DRM, only the authorized users – for example, those who have an active subscription – are allowed to playback it on their device.

How does the solution work? The DRM service integrates with your packager and encrypts the video as it is converted into the desired formats. Once encrypted, the video cannot be accessed without a license key that is stored securely in the service’s database.

When the user wants to watch the video, their player app sends a license request to the DRM licensing server. The service then checks with your system if the viewer is authorized to play the material, and if everything is in order, sends the license key back to the player app. The viewer can then freely enjoy your video content.

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Cloud DRM by Insys Video Technologies

We have been working with DRM technology for the last 13 years, and we are proud to say we understand the needs and requirements of content distributors. Here are several traits that make new, serverless Cloud DRM a perfect solution for OTT platform owners looking to protect their assets:


Does your platform offer copyrighted content? If so, you are probably aware that most studios and producers require you to implement DRM before you can distribute their assets. Why? Because DRM prevents your viewers from pirating the videos and sharing them online – stripping the studios of their potential profits.

How does that protection work? For example, if a user tries to pirate DRM-protected content by using screen capture software, all they will manage to record is a blank screen. And with Cloud DRM, you can enjoy world-class level content security recognized by the major content owners and film studios.

Compatible with the most popular platforms and devices

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Many OTT platforms are not limited to their browser version – to ensure a better user experience, they also offer mobile or Smart TV applications. But each service requires a different approach when it comes to content security – for example, Android devices are compatible with the Google Widevine DRM system, while devices operating on iOS will require Apple FairPlay.

Luckily, Cloud DRM integrates with the three major, widely-recognized DRM systems – Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, and Google Widevine. It guarantees that your content will be well-protected, no matter what platforms or devices your audience uses.


Imagine you have a big live event or movie release coming and you expect that the audience will be several times larger than what you see on a daily basis. One thing you need to do is to ensure that your infrastructure can handle the viewing peak. But can you say the same about your DRM solution?

Because Cloud DRM is serverless by design and has cloud in its DNA, it handles scaling automatically – so that you can focus on delivering your viewer the best content without worrying about your infrastructure. The service can issue an unlimited number of licenses per second and scale according to your technological and business needs.


Content protection doesn’t have to be costly, even if you run a platform with low-volume viewership. How is that possible? If you choose an experienced service provider, chances are their technology partnerships will allow them to offer you better rates per license than you would get when building a custom solution from scratch. This is exactly the case with Cloud DRM.

In addition to that, we offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which means that you don’t have to commit to a fixed number of licenses each month. Forget about overcharging – pay only for the licenses that you use.

Quick and easy to implement

Are you integrating DRM with a brand-new service, or are you migrating to AWS Cloud? It doesn’t matter – our easy-to-use API, adoption of standarized interfaces (such as SPEKE or CPIX) and developers with AWS services experience will ensure the process goes smoothly. Cloud DRM is a ready-to-launch solution that will be ready to protect your video content in as little as one day.

Secure solution for OTT platforms

Cloud DRM is a flexible solution for video streaming platform owners and independent creators looking to protect their content or fulfill the studios’ security requirements. The cloud-powered, auto-scalable infrastructure has your DRM licensing needs covered whether you plan to host high-volume events or expand your business to new audiences.

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