Content recommendations on OTT platforms – analytics and Machine Learning

Over-the-top (OTT) platforms offer tons of content right at our fingertips, yet an ever-expanding library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries do not seem to be enough.The watching suggestions sometimes look generic and dull. How can we change this and engage the users?

Personalized recommendations are a key word here.

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How OTT can help you to grow your business?

OTT platforms offer businesses a powerful tool to reach new markets and connect with potential customers. By leveraging the platform's data, customization capabilities, and partnerships, entrepreneurs can create targeted and effective marketing strategies that drive growth and success

What type of content can you monetize?

The OTT market continues to grow, with more and more video content creators who are ready to turn their video content into profits! The development of technology and new functionalities make it possible to monetize different types of video content: video-on-demand, live events, and TV channels.

What is OTT (over-the-top)?

OTT technology allows users to watch their favorite video content with a simple Internet connection and the device of their choice at any time. For users, this is an opportunity to have more control over the content they watch and provides an incredible convenience that, once experienced, will never be forgotten!