TR Online

Customer: TR Warszawa

About the customer

The modern performing arts theater TR Warszawa aims to introduce Warsaw residents and visitors into the cultural life of Poland’s capital city. One of the central parts of Warsaw’s culture, the theater features Polish and international talent.

About the project

TR Warszawa responded to production closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic by setting an ambitious goal: to securely stream their performances online and monetize them to support its business. In just a matter of weeks, they needed to design and implement a video-on-demand (VOD) solution that would let viewers pay to watch plays on their television and mobile devices at home. To accomplish this goal, TR Warszawa built its solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the help of Insys Video Technologies (Insys VT), a video integration company and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. We helped the theater customize our white-label solution to build and monetize a VOD and live streaming portal in the cloud.

The chosen solution

When restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused live performances to cease, TR Warszawa was searching for a way to bring live and recorded productions to their patrons online. The theater defined several criteria for the project: the streaming service needed to protect performance videos from piracy; it needed to have an interface that visually aligned with the theater’s website; and TR Warszawa’s partner for the project needed to provide professional technical support for the implementation and ongoing maintenance. Insys VT offered Insys VOD solution, a ready-to-launch, whitelabel OTT solution for streaming theatre performances.

The platform was successfully implemented in just 4 weeks, allowing the TR Warszawa talent to keep performing and interacting with their audience even as the coronavirus-related restrictions continued.

Want to discover more about the platform and the productions featured on TR Online? Watch our video case study prepared with the TR Warszawa team: