The Austrian Parliament

Customer: The Austrian Parliament

About the customer

The Austrian Parliament is houses in Palais Epstein in Vienna. The Parliament aims to represent the interests of the greatest possible number of citizens across the entire country. The Austrian Parliament consists of two chambers – the National and Federal Councils. The National Council has a legislative period of five years and exercises control over the Federal Government. The sittings of the National Council are open to the public. The Federal Council represents the interests of the nine Federal Provinces in the legislative process.

About the project

Thanks to its specialist knowledge of the video landscape across the country, ORS was selected by the Austrian Parliament to implement a cloud-based solution. ORS works with video content providers to distribute audio-visual offerings via multiple networks, including terrestrial, satellite, and cable, as well as IP and streaming services. ORS chose Insys Video Technologies for this project to implement the Insys Cloud Video Recorder, which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is integrated with a number of AWS Media Services.

Chosen solution

Insys Cloud Video Recorder is a complete and flexible solution for recording and storing live video channels in the cloud. Designed specifically for public sector video applications, it simplifies the process for recording virtually unlimited live video streams, storing them in the cloud, and distributing them to nearly any video playback device. The Austrian Parliament is able to analyze and catalog the recordings and stream the content wherever and whenever viewers want.

The Austrian Parliament was keen to adopt a cloud-based approach to give it flexibility and scalability. At the same time, it was important that video would be reliably, and automatically, recorded and delivered to ensure that no proceedings would be missed. Integrations with AWS Media Services ensure that the videos can be quickly and easily prepared, processed, and delivered.

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