Play Kraków

Customer: KBF (Kraków Festival Office)

About the customer

KBF (Kraków Festival Office) is a municipal cultural institution, originally established when Kraków was named the European City of Culture in 2000. KBF brings together state and local cultural institutions, governmental organizations, and the local and international artistic and academic community. The organization aims to enrich and develop the city’s cultural standing by organizing cultural events and festivals, as well as offering support for other cultural initiatives throughout the city.

About the project

KBF decided to launch Play Kraków, a video service that users could access via mobile phones and web browsers. It was important that Play Kraków could meet KBF’s goal of creating and expanding cultural engagement across the region. KBF also needed a solution that could scale quickly according to demand, to help keep the project cost-efficient, while allowing for fluctuations in viewer numbers.

Chosen solution

KBF tasked Insys Video Technologies with delivering Play Kraków using its white-label solution, Insys VOD. As a ready, complete, and flexible solution, Insys VOD enables users to quickly launch full-featured video-on-demand services across multiple platforms. As well as having a modern and engaging user interface, Insys VOD enables recommendation and personalized content promotion.

Play Kraków is built on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based environment, making it easy for KBF to scale the service as required.

Are you interested in the Play Kraków platform? Find out more by watching the video case study created in cooperation with the Kraków Festival Office: