Customer: PAOK FC

About the customer

Panthessaloníkios Athlitikós Ómilos Konstantinopolitón (Panthessalonian Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans) is commonly known as PAOK FC. It is the largest football club in Greece. The club was originally established in April 1926 by Greek refugees who fled to Thessaloniki from Constantinople. PAOK FC has a huge following across the country, especially in Northern Greece where it is the most widely supported club.

About the project

Developed by Insys Video Technologies, PAOK TV is a subscription and pay-per-view platform that broadcasts the club’s home games for the Greek Super League along with exclusive VOD content and special programming. It includes 25 live matches in each season, three-hour broadcasts of pregame and postgame shows, and on-demand content including training, talk shows, and exclusiveinterviews. The platform is available in three languages: Greek, English, Russian.

Chosen solution

Insys Video Technologies provided a fully cloud-based, end-to-end solution built on the AWS Cloud. The platform is based on Insys Sport, a complete and flexible solution designed for companies and organizations who want to improve sports fans’ experience by sharing their sports video content online in an innovative way. PAOK FC can easily handle high website traffic thanks to the scalable AWS environment.

The new PAOK TV service uses Insys Multi DRM, which protects the video content from piracy using encryption and digital licenses. Insys VT also integrated a watermarking solution: floating watermarks appear randomly in different places on the screen, and after a sequence of watermarks, PAOK FC can easily identify anyone streaming the match illegally, and that user can be blocked instantly.