Netia Telewizja Osobista™

Customer: Netia SA

Netia SA is one of the largest – and fastest growing – independent telecommunications operators in Poland. It provides comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly online solutions. The number of active customers of television services in the segment of individual customers exceeds 160,000.

Netia Telewizja Osobista™ is Netia’s TV service. We have put together a whole IP TV solution with middleware, a CDN network, a DRM solution and encodes. We have been working with Netia on a regular basis on the implementation of successive services and apps for set-top boxes. With Chmura Osobista (Personal Cloud) on Netia Player, users can access their files using the TV set. The TV Shop app makes it possible to modify old programmes and purchase new programmes available from the TV range of Netia.

Many apps developed for Netia have been designed by our designers. One example is the Netia Player Pilot, which allows users to control Netia Player decoders in a convenient and intuitive way. Netia subscribers also have access to the apps of one of our other partners – the National Audiovisual Institute. Thanks to Ninateka, they get access to thousands of audio-visual materials related to Polish culture via Netia Player.

The Premium+ app is addressed to subscribers of the Premium+ package and provides access to films and TV series broadcast on Canal+ in the Catch-Up TV model.