Customer: The Polish Arthouse Cinemas Association

About the customer

Founded in 2006, the Arthouse Cinemas Association is a voluntary and self-governing association of Polish cinema operators and other cinematography professionals. In 2020, the Association became the operator of the Arthouse and Local Cinemas Network program supporting 230 traditional private and local government cinemas throughout Poland. The Association represents and protects the interests of its members with distributors, state and local authorities, and by promoting the genre.

About the project is a video-on-demand (VOD) platform connecting more than 40 arthouse cinemas to bring the cinema to viewers’ homes across Poland. Consumers can purchase access to a movie from the available programming, with the proceeds going to the cinema hosting the film. The project was implemented by Insys Video Technologies within just a couple of weeks in response to the closure of cinemas due to the coronavirus pandemic. Based on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud environment, the solution can be easily scaled as required.