DRM for LeiaFlix

Customer: Leia Inc.

About the customer

Leia Inc. is an American 3D-experience company and the developer behind the innovative 3D Lightfields display technology. Their proprietary solution allowed them to create the Lume Pad tablets that allow users to experience a 3D effect on their screens without the need for eyewear.

Their nanotechnology and artificial intelligence solutions have allowed them to partner with companies from the automotive, medical, gaming, educational, and hospitality industries.

The picture shows a Lume Pad tabled with an open VOD application. There are LeiaFlix and Cloud DRM logos in the corners.

About the project

Leia wanted to delight their Lume Pad users and equipped the tablet with a VOD streaming application. The app, LeiaFlix, offered a wide variety of movies, including the biggest Hollywood blockbusters from different film studios.

However, to broadcast the movies, the company needed to implement a DRM solution that would protect the content from piracy and meet the studios’ security requirements.

In addition to that, Leia was working with an ambitious 3-months deadline to stay true to their expected time-to-market.

Chosen solution

Having explored different options, Leia decided to partner with Insys Video Technologies and implement their Cloud DRM solution based on AWS Cloud (now available on AWS Marketplace). As a result, they managed to meet the security demands of the film studios, improve their content security, and expand their monitoring capabilities.

The quick deployment also allowed them to surpass their original deadline and left more time for the US-wide beta testing.