Eurobasket 2022 for ERT

Customer: ERT

About the customer

ERTFLIX is a platform of the Greek state TV broadcaster, ERT, and provides users with access to 5 live channels, movies, series, and other on-demand content through the VOD zone. 

The ERTFLIX OTT platform is built on the InsysGO solution by Insys Video Technologies. The service is available to all viewers across the region, with registered users able to access premium features like continue watching, favourites, etc. The platform is also enriched with geo-blocking rules which disable watching content outside the selected area.

About the project

ERT – the Greek state TV broadcaster had the right to broadcast the Eurobasket 2022. During the event, they expected a lot of traffic on their streaming platform. So far, the client used a local CDN provider. For the duration of the event, Insys VT proposed to migrate to Amazon CloudFront and AWS Media Services to handle high peaks.

Chosen solution and the outcome

Insys Video Technologies architects proposed migrating channels from on-prem packagers and local CDN providers to AWS-based media workflow, including AWS Elemental MediaLive, MediaPackage, and Amazon CloudFront. The migration took one day and was successful. The infrastructure was working properly and end users were pleased to watch the live streaming of the basketball championship. The average viewership of games was at least 40,000 users, and in the finals, the game was watched by over 150,000 people in the live OTT application which was a huge success.