Apollo TV

Customer: Postimees Grupp

About the customer

Postimees Group is the leading media group in the Baltic region, operating in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

They create printed and online media content, produce television and radio programmes, operate e-commerce and classifieds portals, and provide direct mail, publishing, and printing services. Postimees Group is the only group in the Estonian media landscape that has delivered content for printed newspapers, online, radio, and television.

Apollo TV customer story

About the project

Postimees Grupp wanted to engage their viewers and reach new audience by offering them an easy-to-use, modern digital platform with a variety of local and foreign content. It consists of over 50 live channels and VOD library, with content varying from local movies to Hollywood blockbusters.

The solution had to include all the features that the modern audience expects from a video service. That included catchups, content recommendations and multi-language support. It also had to be available across all devices, such as smartphones and Smart TVs.

Chosen solution

With short deployment time being the priority, we chose to build Apollo TV basing on InsysGO. It is a modern, flexible OTT solution that allowed us to quickly launch the platform across numerous devices – while always keeping its look perfectly on-brand.

We also made sure that the video content is secure, piracy-proof, and available only to the subscribed audience. How? By integrating the platforms with the major DRM systems. As a result, the live channels and VOD library can only be accessed by the authorized users.

Apollo TV is built on AWS cloud-based infrastructure, so that the platform scales automatically along with the increase of active viewers.