2021 in perspective: 5 OTT implementation for 5 different industries

OTT solutions are being adopted by companies across various industries – whether the goal is to increase fan engagement, reach a wider audience, or deliver unforgettable experiences. In 2021, Insys Video Technologies contributed to the implementation of several platforms for clients operating in completely different fields – proving that the opportunities offered by modern video technology are not limited to a single industry. Below, you can read about 5 different OTT platforms implemented for companies for 5 different industries – and see how they benefited from these solutions. 

BeActive TV – a redesigned version of the first Polish on-demand fitness platform

Company name: BeActive TV

Industry: on-demand fitness and training videos

About the project: In 2021, BeActive TV, Poland’s first on-demand fitness platform owned by Ewa Chodakowska, went through a significant redesign. The platform allows users to enjoy online workouts by using any device. It also provides motivational videos and helps increase fitness knowledge.

The platform has been constantly developing since 2017, and Insys Video Technologies collaborated on the project from the very beginning. The partnership with the BeActive TV team has resulted in a new layout and improved functionality, for example, they can add selected content to favorites or resume the video from the point where they left off. The platform also features an advanced search engine, an extensive recommendation system based on the user’s personal fitness data. BeActive TV is based on the Insys Sport solution. It allows users to enjoy the new, more intuitive version of BeActive TV via the website, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and Android TV.

Benefits: The platform is more interesting to users thanks to the refreshed look and several new features. Fitness fans can exercise more conveniently by adding selected content to favorites, using the continue watching, or choosing videos recommended by the creators.

Apollo TV – direct-to-consumer OTT service

Apollo TV customer story

Company name: Postimees Grupp

Industry: media group

About the project: In 2021, Postimees Grupp partnered with Insys Video Technologies to launch a direct-to-consumer OTT platform – Apollo TV. It was implemented by using the InsysGO solution. The platform allows users to access more than 50 live TV channels. It also gives viewers access to the VOD zone, allowing them to watch movies, TV series, and other content on demand. The cooperation has also resulted in implementing many new functionalities, such as catch-ups or content recommendations. Insys Video Technologies handled the technological side of the project, being responsible for defining and delivering the infrastructure, technological stack, and equipment, as well as providing support and maintenance. Postimess Grupp can now provide a wide range of attractive video content to its customers. At the moment, the platform is available in Estonia, with plans to expand to all Baltic countries.

Benefits: Postimees Grupp was able to reach new audiences and deliver over 50 live TV channels and a large number of engaging movies and TV series to their users. They gained a scalable solution that will allow them to expand to other markets.

PetrusGO – a fully branded OTT solution for a cable operator

Company name: Petrus

Industry: cable TV

About the project: The next Insys Video Technologies implementation is the PetrusGO platform, a new OTT solution on the Polish market based on InsysGO. Petrus is one of the largest local cable TV networks that has been operating since 1983, and to effectively maintain its position in the market, they decided to launch an online platform. The solution allows users to watch selected live TV channels and access a VOD library. Users can access the platform on different devices through a mobile application available on Android and iOS.

Benefits: The platform owners can upkeep their position on the market and reach new potential viewers. The users gain access to selected live TV channels online and VOD library on their mobile devices.

Ultimate Pool – professional English Eightball Pool events gain global fans

Company name: Ultimate Pool Group

Industry: sports events

About the project: In 2021, Insys VT had the opportunity to work with Ultimate Pool Group, the company responsible for organizing Professional English Eightball Pool events featuring world-class players. Insys VT has created a live streaming platform for the 8-Ball pool events. It gives users access to an archive of previously broadcast and streamed games. The Professional English Eightball Pool community has gained a place on the Internet that allows fans to stay up to date on their favorite sport. The OTT platform made it possible to reach not only local fans but people from all over the world. The implementation is based on the AWS cloud, which provides flexibility and scalability during viewing peaks. The client can easily manage their video library, provide a smooth viewing experience with a worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network), and protect their content with DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Benefits: Ultimate Pool Group was able to expand its reach outside the United Kingdom and reach audiences from all over the world. They can easily manage their video library and protect their content. Pool fans gained access to the previously streamed games and can stay up to date on their favorite sport.

OLPLAY – French football club implements a platform based on Insys Sport


Company name: Olympique Lyon

Industry: football club

About the project: The next implementation was a result of a partnership with a sports club that has decided to reach out to its fans and provide them with a chance to enjoy live sports events online. This time, Insys VT has created a brand new version of the OTT OLPLAY streaming service for one of the most popular football clubs in France, Olympique Lyon. The platform is based on the Insys Sport solution, dedicated to sports clubs or publishers with sports broadcasting rights. What are the characteristics of OLPLAY? It features 24/7 access to live channels with EPG and a premium VOD library, a renewed graphical interface that gives the platform a completely new look, a more intuitive web player, and a VOD catalog. Two subscription models are available for the users – monthly or annual. The application is available for web browsers, AndroidTV, and Google Chromecast.

Benefits: The solution has allowed Olympique Lyon to offer their fans a unique viewing experience, increase their engagement and monetize the exclusive, behind-the-scenes content.


Although the platforms differ when it comes to their scope, technological stack, or target audience, they have one thing in common: they have helped the clients generate more revenue and allowed online viewers to enjoy their favorite live or on-demand content. If you are curious about other implementations by Insys VT, you can check our news or read the stories of our clients.

Right now, the Insys VT team is ready for another year and new challenges! What do you think will be the next big implementation?