Security and DRM

Rest assured that your content is secure.

Ready-made Multi-DRM solutions for a full range of platforms: website, iOS, Android, Android TV – all approved by content providers.

What does it do?

Video content that is accessible online is vulnerable to copying and illegal sharing. DRM technology ensures that any attempt to illegally copy content is blocked. We also deploy other solutions to protect against simultaneous access to content by multiple users, and to restrict access to a selected range of IP addresses.

This enables you to fully meet the requirements of TV broadcasters or content providers, so that you can share their content via your OTT service.

DRM is a standard requirement of video content providers, whether their content is VODs or Live channels. The DRM technologies we support are recognized and accepted by the largest broadcasters and film studios.


How does it work?

Before video reaches the user, we encrypt all content – Live and VOD – which means the original file cannot be downloaded. This security measure is usually required by content providers. Since we are certified suppliers of DRM technology, you don’t have to worry about contracts with other DRM providers.

Our Multi-DRM service incorporates the technologies of Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay. This ensures that all of the popular platforms are covered – the most popular web browsers, iOS devices, Android and Android TV.

The ability to block simultaneous playback streams is a functionality that prevents users from abusing a single login.

IP-based geolocation restrictions may be required by content providers, because content is often licensed to a given country.



  • Register and restrict the number of user devices
  • Limit the number of simultaneous user video playback sessions in accordance with your requirements
  • Block access from illegal devices
  • Apply blackouts that meet the requirements of your content providers
  • Block content based on user’s geographical location (geo-blocking)

Provide coverage for the most popular platforms, such as:

  • Microsoft PlayReady – Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, XBox
  • Apple Fairplay – iOS, OSX, Apple TV
  • Google Widevine – Google Chrome, Firefox, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV
  • Customize your DRM configuration to suit the needs of your project.