Recommendation Engine

Recommend your best content with cutting edge recommendation solutions. Promote what your users really want to see.

What does it do?

If video services host a wide range of content, it can be difficult for users to find what really interests them. A recommendation engine analyzes the user’s behavior and viewing history and adjusts the recommended content exactly to their needs. A good recommendation engine maximizes user loyalty to the service and increases content consumption.


How does it work?

Our recommendation engine analyzes users’ behavior so that they can be presented with the content that is most likely to appeal to them. Apart from this, the user can receive editorial recommendations, or other similar materials, based on a defined algorithm.

It is possible to configure recommendations in various ways:


Editorial recommendations

  • determine what content is recommended and how it is presented to users

Automatic recommendations

  • the recommendation engine analyzes users’ behavior and tells them about related content that may be of interest to them.

External recommendation

  • the possibility of integrating with an external engine in order to provide dedicated recommendations in the platform



  • determine what content is to be recommended and how it is to be presented to users
  • increase revenue from the sale of content
  • increase the attractiveness and quality of the service, which translates into loyal customers
  • reduce churn