Network PVR & Catch-up

Record every TV show on any channel and watch it on any device.

What does it do?

Get rid of expensive and hard to manage local PVR STBs and migrate all recordings to the cloud. The InsysGO nPVR & Catch-up module allows users to access remote recordings of TV shows from live TV channels. This will save you money, since there is no need to update your customers’ old hardware.


How does it work?

All the recordings get stored in your DC or in the cloud instead of in user STBs. You can either have a shared copy for all users, to save on storage capacity, or a private copy if your content providers require you to. With this option, users can access their recordings no matter what happens to their local storage, and they can access them on any device, anywhere.

On the basis of accurate EPG data, the nPVR module automatically creates a catch-up library by recording every program from a given channel in a defined time window e.g. 7 days.

Users can request a recording of any program and store it in their private recording library.

So far, we have built and maintained many nPVR & catch-up systems that enable recordings for hundreds of channels. We have experience and expert knowledge in providing cost-optimal solutions. We can build nPVR & catch-up for you in various scenarios, depending on your business circumstances.


We provide all the necessary equipment, develop a detailed project, install it physically, and then configure the entire solution. Everything in the location you specify.


If you do not want to buy equipment at the outset, you can use the AWS Elemental Cloud service. We provide full assistance with this when configuring and preparing the service launch.



  • Create advanced configurations & business models for nPVR & catch-up products and monetize them
  • Keep track of user cloud storage quota and present it in “hours of recordings”
  • Upsell additional storage once users reach their limit. Configure quota limits per user and per product
  • With series recording, your end users can automatically record every episode in their favourite series without needing to schedule manually
  • Preview the current state of recordings across all channels using an advanced real-time “Timeline Tool”
  • Integrate with any external EPG data provider for recording scheduling.
  • Add nPVR functionality to any new and existing client application (e.g. legacy STBs) using a flexible and standards-based client API