Control the operation of your InsysGO platform and be the first to be informed about problems.

What does it do?

The InsysGO monitoring system makes it possible to observe the entire platform online, and enables problems to be identified and diagnosed. With this system you can configure a list of people who will be automatically informed about infrastructure problems, if they occur. Quick diagnosis of problems is guaranteed. If there is a problem, you will always know the scale of it, e.g. in terms of the number of users using the service.


How does it work?

Our software and probes monitor and collect statistics concerning all the important parameters of the InsysGO platform 24/7 – to supply data on the user’s experience.



  • Clear dashboards give you a quick overview of the entire environment
  • Check the availability of OTT streams for end users
  • Ascertain the number of users watching content at a given moment
  • Monitor every parameter (CPU loadmemory usagebandwidth) of all the infrastructure elements (application servers, encoders, origin servers, storage, the network) involved in the operation of InsysGO
  • With the help of probes, you can monitor the quality of the signals provided by content providers and evaluate user experience
  • Define the alarm escalation process