Headend for Live channels

Turn TV signals into OTT streams.

What does it do?

Streaming linear TV channels in OTT requires the appropriate preparation of streams for distribution on the Internet. Headend InsysGO guarantees a set of quality and stream formats that will ensure playback on all platforms and screens, while optimizing cost efficiency and the load on the infrastructure.


How does it work?

InsysGO headend provides all the components and infrastructure for processing and delivering video streams. These include: encoders (AWS Elemental), origin servers (AWS Elemental Delta, Wowza Streaming Engine), network infrastructure, storage (Dell EMC). We have built and maintained many headends that encode hundreds of channels in OTT formats and make them available for viewing. We have the experience and expertise to tailor cost-optimized solutions. Depending on the business circumstances, we can build a headend for you in many different scenarios.


We provide all the necessary equipment, develop a detailed project, install it physically, and then configure the entire solution. Everything in the location you specify.


If you do not want to buy equipment at the outset, you can use the AWS Elemental Cloud service. We provide full assistance with this when configuring and preparing the service launch.



  • For each channel, you can configure a Time-shift buffer – from 15 minutes to 24 hours
  • With optimized encoding profiles, we ensure you the best quality with optimal bitrates in SD, Full HDand UltraHD 4K quality
  • We will select encoding profiles for you, depending on the type of content on the channels – Film, Sport, News, General
  • Support your users with codecs – H.264, H.265 (HEVC), Dolby Digital Audio
  • Our platform covers most important output formats of OTT, in particular: MPEG DASHHLSSmooth Streaming
  • Deliver streams that support multiple audio and subtitle tracks