eCommerce & monetization

Transform viewership into money.

What does it do?

Create the business model of your choice and sell your services and video content directly from InsysGO. Create a loyal user base and minimize churn.


How does it work?

You create any configuration of products in the administration panel. You define their prices and ranges, you specify the duration of the offer. All products are automatically available for purchase by your users in mobile, web and STB applications.



  • Create any configuration of products and services for your customer. Define prices. Sell.
  • Create any package by mixing live, nPVR, and Catch-up services
  • Decide how many nPVR hours / disk space the user can record
  • Sell VOD movies in the model of your choice: AVODTVODSVOD
  • Increase your revenues from additional services
    • the disk space ends -> you can easily buy an upgrade package
    • you do not have access to the channel and you want to watch it -> you can easily buy access to the channel
  • Use discount codes or free access codes
  • Offer trial access to the service
  • Sell events and content as PPV.
  • Sell content in minutes.
  • Use banners on the website to promote your other services
  • Earn money from video commercials
    • the possibility of integrating with a media house
    • you can present your own advertisements
    • preroll, postroll, midroll (check)