Provide high quality content and live channels on any scale. Guarantee the stability and coverage of your service.

What does it do?

Content is delivered in high quality to users without buffering, without delay, supporting all features, such as LiveVOD4K quality. Ensures fast channel switching, minimizes delay with Live streams.


Dedicated CDN for your needs

How does it work?

If you have your own network, or if you want to reduce OPEX costs on a large scale, we can build a dedicated CDN for you. The construction of the CDN consists of:

  • determining the scale of traffic that we will handle
  • the purchase of equipment
  • installation and configuration of equipment
  • support
  • monitoring


  • Quick expansion
  • The CDN will enable you to build a profitable business with constant and predictable expansion and maintenance costs
  • Optimized for distribution of OTT video content
  • Start with a small number of edge servers and scale to hundreds of servers


Integration with the existing CDN

How does it work?

If you do not know the scale of the service, or if you want to share content internationally, you can choose to integrate with an external CDN

  • Select your service provider -> AWS, Akami, Level3, others
  • We integrate with this system to ensure full operation of the InsysGO platform.

Other purposes

A CDN is responsible for the distribution of various types of content, such as:

  • Live TV
  • VOD
  • nPVR
  • Catchup
  • Timeshift

It can also be used for security purposes and to guarantee 4K streams.