Admin Panel

Your command centre. Manage your platform and front-end applications from one place.

What does it do?

The Administrative Panel allows you to manage the InsysGO service, including channels, EPG, productsand users.


How does it work?

When you are part of InsysGO, you will also have access to the Administrative Panel. The people you nominate will receive their individual accounts with a specific administrative role. The panel is accessible via the Internet, on a dedicated website.



  • Manage each element of the platform and configure it to your requirements
  • Define your own flexible business model – TVOD, SVOD, PPV
  • Send messages to users – PUSH NOTIFICATIONS
  • Support for your customer service through full access to your users’ data – “call center”, “first line support”
  • Meet Broadcasters’ Requirements:
    • Set-up blackouts for channels and assets on specific platforms
    • Use geoblock to specify where users can view your content.
  • Manage the whole schedule and allow your editor to edit each channel.
    • Data is automatically imported from an EPG source (XML TV)
    • Editing of information about programs of TV channels
    • Edit TV Channel Information
  • Set the content availability per platform
  • Reports – Business analyses of transaction reports, viewership, user activity and much more
  • Dashboard – for a quick overview of the current status of your system
  • Timeline nPVR – view the status of Catch-up and nPVR recordings in real time


What can be done in the Panel?

In the Administration Panel you can prepare dedicated offers for your users and build a business model that is sustainable for your business.

The mechanism for creating products allows you to prepare dedicated offers for Live TV, Catch-up and nPVR parameters. It is a powerful business tool for fast and effective offer building and monetization.