About us

Insys Video Technologies is one of the fastest-developing video integration companies in Europe, offering comprehensive implementation of OTT projects from strategy and design through to development, deployment and maintenance.

For over 11 years, Insys has implemented online video projects for satellite providers, telecommunications operators, television broadcasters and motion picture distributors. More than four million consumers use video services powered by Insys modular InsysPlay platform or InsysGo white label solution.


11-year experience in design and development of OTT solutions for customers ranging from small content providers to large telcos and broadcasters. We provide catchup/nPVR solutions that actually work!

We have over 100 active OTT deployments with over four million end-users benefiting from our services.


A COMPLETEWARE (A truly End-to-End solution)

We provide everything that you need: knowledge,hardware, software, services and support. It’s all you need to deliver and play live is recorded, protected and your content is at premium quality everywhere. And it really works!



Our team of over 60 specialists is there to keep your solution up to date and running all the time.



We adjust solutions to your actual needs. You can choose either on premise or a cloud deployment depending on the scale.



We can keep all your data within your network (on premises solutions, private CDN) or well protected in the cloud. Secure your content against piracy with DRM solution. We are the Widevine DRM integration partner and Microsoft PlayReady DRM service provider, and also Apple FairPlay integration partner.



We can deliver you final solution within less than 60 days.
Our modular solution is based on modern technologies that let you choose from different modules like catch-up, nPVR, EPG, VoD (with different bussiness models), monetization, CRM and billing integration. That all cuts down the costs on the actual deployment.

Our offices

Poznań in Poland


ul. Towarowa 37
61-896 Poznań

Dübendorf in Switzerland


Air Force Center, Überland Str. 271,
8600 Dübendorf