Customer: simpliTV (ORS)

The ORS group consists of  Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS) and its subsidiary ORS comm GmbH & Co KG (ORS comm). Founded in early 2005, ORS is Austrian leading broadcasting service provider.

Their services include analogue TV broadcasting (via cables, antennas and satellites), radio broadcasting and online streaming. With their nationwide transmitter network, ORS supplies a major part of Austrian households with top-quality broadcasting.

InsysGO Powers Enhanced simpliTV OTT Offering for Leading Austrian Broadcast Service Provider ORS.

Austrian television provider ORS selected the comprehensive and flexible InsysGO platform to significantly enhance its simpliTV OTT video service . The InsysGO solution provides simpliTV viewers with a richer, distinctive user experience and expanded selection of content across a broader range of consumer devices, all while giving ORS an extensible foundation for future features and growth.

simpliTV previously offered its customers basic live streaming of just eight channels, which were only available on iOS and Android devices. With the new InsysGO-powered simpliTV OTT service, viewers can watch well over 40 live channels from multiple providers on a wide array of platforms – from tablets and mobile phones to TVs and web browsers – while enjoying powerful features including catch-ups, nPVR, pause/resume across multiple devices, and intelligent content recommendations.

A Comprehensive Solution

InsysGO is a flexible, modular OTT platform that enables media enterprises to easily manage, monetize, distribute and promote their content through client‐branded websites and apps. For the simpliTV project, Insys Video Technologies supplied a complete OTT solution including back-end and front-end application software, server hardware, Dell EMC storage systems and eight instances of the AWS Elemental Delta video delivery platform. The new simpliTV service went live in April 2018.

“InsysGO offers a very wide array of capabilities and options” said Gunter Povolny, Project Manager at ORS. “The ability to make tailored use of a platform that is already proven to operate in a proper way significantly reduced the risk of implementation associated with a project of this scale.”

Engaging User Experiences

A highlight of the enhanced simpliTV service is its new floating video player, which seamlessly integrates with intuitive yet unobtrusive EPG functionality to deliver immersive viewing experiences even while browsing programming. Leveraging over a decade of experience in researching and designing user experiences (UX) for the optimal presentation and discovery of media content, Insys tailored the rich UX foundation and options built into the InsysGO platform to meet ORS’ specific requirements and vision.
“The incredible flexibility of the InsysGO platform enables us to put a variety of ever-evolving business models into operation for the future.” said Michael Zettl, Head of Product Management at simpliTV. “The user‐tested, easily-distinguishable and modern interface design provided by InsysGO ensures that the value offered by the simpliTV service is easily accessible to our subscribers.”

Enhancing Operations

Beyond the consumer-facing benefits that InsysGO brings to the enhanced service, the platform also enables robust operational and management functionality for ORS behind the scenes. API integration between InsysGO and AWS Elemental Delta enables ORS to offer catch-up and nPVR recording, just-in-time packaging, and DRM functionality in the simpliTV service.

InsysGO also monitors ORS’ AWS Elemental Live encoders, and interfaces seamlessly with simliTV’s existing business systems for subscriber management and E-commerce. Complementing the InsysGO platform’s built-in analytics, the simpliTV deployment also integrates with Nice People at Work’s YOUBORA suite to provide ORS with advanced visualization and business intelligence.

By providing a proven and flexibly configurable platform rather than a fully-custom implementation, InsysGO enabled ORS to lunch the service with confidence. ORS will also benefit from ongoing enhancements as Insys continue to develop new features.