Customer: National Audiovisual Institute (NInA)

The tasks of the National Audiovisual Institute are to record the most valuable events of Polish culture, to digitise cultural heritage, and to execute a programme aimed at preserving, expanding and sharing the collected materials.

Our cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute began in 2013. Since then, we have jointly implemented new projects to digitise Polish culture. Videos posted on the website are viewed almost 2 million times per year.

In cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute we have already implemented eight collections on the Ninateka website. In the most recently deployed Theatre Collection we focused on new information architecture and graphic design. The user can get a full set of high-quality, relevant information and unique content about Polish theatre in one place. In addition to recorded shows, we provide additional materials in the form of documentaries, comments, information about the director and films associated with him/her. With the integration of the media archive system, all the data for the Theatre Collection are automatically entered for each performance directly from the system. The collection consists of more than 50 recorded drama shows and 25 radio dramas, all of which are complemented by descriptions, comments and audio-visual materials that indicate the various contexts and interpretive clues. Knowledge is provided to the user in an expert-but-accessible manner, so that Ninateka is an excellent tool for promoting culture. has won two national awards for the best website available for digitally excluded people. Our developers have made efforts to ensure that the site meets the requirements of WCAG 2.0 at level AA.

Insys is responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project, from strategy to maintenance and development; it designs solutions for the online TV platform and developed the InsysPlay platform.

In the project for the National Audiovisual Institute we focused on usability and easy operation of the website on every screen. We applied responsive web design so that, depending on the size of the device, the website automatically changes display parameters.

We also launched a feature that enables the creation of playlists. With one click on a track the user can add it to the music list and play it. Since the audio player that we deployed runs in the background, the user can perform several tasks simultaneously on the website through his/her computer or mobile device.